Our flock of 20 ewes is pastured in the Olympia area. The ewes and their lambs are managed by students at the Evergreen State College.

Our lambs are grass finished. Ewes and lambs are on pasture their whole lives. Portable fencing is used to rotate grazing areas for the health of the animals and of the land.

Animal welfare is our priority- we aim for low stress handling, do not dock tails and use preventative management to minimize disease.

Purchase of lamb supports education. Students from The Evergreen State College who are interested in animal husbandry and agriculture have the opportunity to participate in the management of the ewes and lambs, from animal health and reproduction to pasture management and marketing. This sharing of animal husbandry knowledge and opportunity for experiential learning is critical to the sustainability of agriculture.

Transparency and dialogue between producers and consumers of food is very important to us. We welcome customers to visit the farm. All our lamb is marketed locally in the Puget Sound area.