It’s that time of year again! Our lambing season is in full swing and we’ve been busy with all sorts of exciting things on the farm. In the past week we have had six of our twenty-two ewes lamb. There’s nothing better than watching the eight little lambkins follow their mothers around and the curiousness they have as they discover the world. It can be enjoyably noisy at times when the  lambs are hungry or stray from their mother, as each ewe and their lamb has a call that is as individual as a mother calling a child by their name.

Sadly, we lost one of our best ewes Barbara  to old age but she gave us two lambs that we were able to graft onto another ewe. We are proud to say that with very little coercing, Booglie has graciously adopted these two lambs and they are healthy and nursing well.

We are very excited for the rest of our ewes to lamb and with a close eye and much attentiveness we hope that the lambing season will continue to go smoothly! Stay posted, for there will be more to follow!


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